Latoya Ruby Frazier Comes Home

As of this date, the event featuring Latoya Ruby Frazier at the August Wilson Center is sold out. For those who wanted to attend but couldn’t get a ticket, WESA will host a viewing party on March 8 from 6:30 to 9 pm, at its studios at the Community Broadcast Center, 67 Bedford Square. Guests can watch the live video stream of the event and participate in the Twitter chat while enjoying refreshments along with other 90.5 WESA listeners and community members. Admission is free but space is limited, so please register to attend.

“A city rebuilds itself with new industry, new energy and new people after a generation of decline. But what happens to those who endured the tough times? Are they lifted up, or pushed out? How can newcomers and established residents build a common vision of progress? Or is creative tension part of what pushes a city to a better future? These are some of the questions I plan to explore,” says Martin. Her guests will include LaToya Ruby Frazier, the Braddock-born photographer and MacArthur fellow; Eve Picker,  William Generett, President and CEO, Urban Innovation; Tara Sherry-Torres, founder and chief creative officer at Cafe Con, filmmaker Chris Ivey; performance artist Vanessa German;  actor Wali Jamal; and the Pittsburgh Latin dance band, Guaracha.

The event will be streamed live and recorded for a featured segment on a weekend broadcast of All Things Considered‘. The discussion will continue online and the public is invited to participate, along with an invited group of commentators, using the hashtag #LiveableCity and following @NPRMichel and @905wesa. In collaboration with NPR Member stations, Michel Martin: Going There is part of NPR’s national events series. Martin connects people with different perspectives, histories and experiences.  She encourages them to share their ideals.

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