Fighting for Economic INCLUSION

Braddock Inclusion Project secures space for “pop up” Gallery/Boutique in redevelopment epic center.

One of two major goals at the inception of the Braddock Inclusion Project was to address and combat the gentrification process  taking root in the community by securing space in the first phase of the redevelopment taking place in the community. The other was to become 501c3 certified. After a very stressful and painstaking three years we’re proud to announce that both goals have been accomplished. The mind set and focus of our project is to demand inclusion, economically and socially, in every redevelopment phase being proposed by County Authority for the community. Block by block. Architectural design by design. To demand that the people, business and institutions being brought into the community reflect and benefit the majority Black population of the community.

The Gallery/Boutique will be located at 530 Braddock, Ave in the historic Free Press building. Although the resistance was tremendous we are very proud to now have a physical presence in the communities epic center where we will be able to offer local residents and others a variety of one of a kind, handmade fashions and art work. More details will be forth coming as planning progresses. We are very excited that renowned media artist and photographer Latoya Ruby Frazier will be involved in some capacity. We’d also like to express our shared gratitude to Braddock native and Documenary Film Icon Mr. Tony Buba for his tireless efforts and support for the project.

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