Braddock InclusionProject: Programs

The Braddock Inclusion Project wants to develop solutions to a prominent question that busy parents in the Braddock region ask: what and where are the available activities for my children?   In today’s health conscious climate, parents are not only in search of fun activities, but ones that build healthy minds and stimulates self sustaining attributes.

The Braddock Inclusion Project thinks the answers may be found in the inspirational work being developed by Mycaiah Camile who founded her community project, KidsKardio, Inc., in 2012 with a goal to deliver positive action and entertainment to the youth in the community. KidsKardio is a playful activity-based program conducted and supervised by Mycaiah. The activities take place in various parks and spaces in the community. Her brand ‘Big Ideas for Little Lives’ is her inspiration. “I believe anything is possible through play,” she shared.

In addition to her belief in energetic play, she also creates innovative ways to assist children to develop critical thinking while they play. Her background in youth advocacy includes a position with the Schenley Heights Community Development After-School Program where she oversaw fitness and educational activities.

“During my senior year in college, I began to watch the daily news,” she said. “What I saw happening with the youth in my community, inspired me to do something.”

What she saw was youth with too much time on their hands and not enough healthy activities to keep them on a safe path. She recalled how it felt to grow up involved in activities that allowed her to believe in endless possibilities.

“This is what I want to give back to my community. I want the youth to experience that same feeling,” she added. The Braddock Inclusion Project looks forwards to connecting the dots and developing programming that benefit not only the youth but the parents of the Braddock area.


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