Criminogenic Society Dictates Dismantling Of Black Communities

With the opening of a new upscale restaurant in one of western Pennsylvania’s poorest communities It’s extremely important that we present and talk about things going forwards in context. In a criminogenic society, this is extremely important because we live in a structure where the method of decontextualizing subject matters, taking context out of a subject matter to support domination, project things as Race neutral. As if Race has nothing to do with the dismantling of Black communities across America.


This is evident in the nonstop news cycles or statements by leaders of humanitarian foundations where you hear or read reports of Black on Black violence, Homicides, unemployment rates, deplorable economic conditions and get only haft truths or explanations. Alternative facts.


For example, you will hear young Black men are killing one another because of the availability of Guns, the selling of drugs, lack of opportunity or a plethora of other haft explanations. Most of the time it’s the other haft that’s being left out that is most important. How are the guns distributed? Who manufactures the guns? Who sales them? Who imports the drugs? Who distributes it after it’s brought in? Or they’ll report that the crime is caused by poverty or poor family structure. Who created the poverty? Who creates the opportunity? Who destroyed the Black family structure?


The guns are made available in a social political context. Drugs are made available with in a social political context. Black families are broken apart with in a social political context. Poverty is created with in a social and political context. Poor education and the school to prison pipe line is the result of a social political context and so on. So now we must continuously peel back the layers of context and see how it creates the conditions that black American’s are constantly complaining about and forced to survive in day in and day out.


Now, more than ever, responsible Black Americans must learn how these horrific conditions we live in are directly connected to a racist society and just what a racist society is about. We must then essentially realize that a racist society is about structuring social, political, economic, cultural and physiological circumstances in such a way that one race can take advantage of another race. Where one race can enhance itself at the expenses of another. Negative racial attitudes on part of the dominate structure may have very little to do with it at this point. They control the vast wealth. Maybe embarrassment, enviousness and resentment may still linger at the root.


If Black Americans continue to focus on the projection of racial stereotypes, the notion of whites not understanding the nature of their racism or overt race hatred, responsible Black Americans seeking solutions will find themselves working to solve the wrong problems. Ultimately, they must recognize that racism involves the power of one race to impose it’s will on another. The dominate structure continues to engage in racism because it can and has control of the power to do so. An absolute power that at its core was criminally obtained by the annihilation of Native Indians and Enslavement of Africans. Crimes against humanity.


It’s extremely important to recognize that when we talk of all the horrific conditions that Black Americans are facing today in a criminogenic society such as what mass media refers to as Black on Black violence we are talking about a violence that violence produced. Black on Black violence is reflective of White on black violence. Ultimately all the inhumane conditions that Black Americans face today are reflective of a barbaric European ideology and sustained violence that has been practiced on Black people and their reaction to it.


White Supremacy is a factual, historically based, institutionally perpetuated system of exploitation and oppression of continents, nations, and peoples of color by white peoples and nations of the European continent, for maintaining and defending a system of controlled wealth, power, and privilege. These are the facts. This has always been the case since Europeans witnessed the vast brilliant civilizations that existed in Africa before it was invaded and eventually colonized. An embarrassment that would help to fuel the discus  and brutal treatment of the Black human race that continues to this very day.


Case in point, what Black Americans are experiencing is not just confined to America. You’ll find this experience in the Caribbean, in Africa, wherever you have large populations of Black people. You go to Brazil where Black children are being shot in the streets; where Black populations are left out of the economic structure. You will find this sort of thing going on in Uruguay. A lot of Black Americans don’t realize that there are large populations of Black People in Central America and South America that are being subject to the same torment. Africa is suffering tremendously.


You can look to the millions of Black humans in Europe itself. You’ll finding that there is a general oppression of Black humans across the globe as the global economic system reorganizes itself, and reorganizes itself in a way that clearly and purposely excludes Black humans from the global economic system, just as they are being left out of domestic economic systems. Thus, you can have the opening of an upscale, non-Black owned restaurant in one of a state’s poorest majority Black communities with complete, over the top celebration, Fan Fare all supported and justified by haft truths and Alternative facts.


What do I mean by a criminogenic society? Well it didn’t start with the Trump administration. Its origins are rooted in the very existence and nature of the European culture and identity. To be more specific there’s never been a period in the history of an organized Europe that it wasn’t at WAR or engaged in Violence.


Therefore, as a result this has also been the case for America. Since its inception it has always been engaged in War and extreme violence across the globe. And of course, racism is a crime. A crime against humanity and a crime against the Black race. Imperialism is a crime. A crime against the Black race as well. Therefor when you have a racist society, an imperialistic society you have a criminogenic society.


Of course, dealing with the word genesis, we’re talking about the idea of generating. The beginning as in the word genesis, to begin. The source of. The point of creation. So, when we’re talking about this society as a criminogenic society, we’re talking about this society then as the source of crimes. As the generator of criminality. As the user of deception and deceit. As the creator of criminals. A society that is RUN BY CRIMINALS. A society that ultimately criminalizes Its POPULATION AND CRIMINALIZES THE TOTAL SYSTEM to preserve and maintain its Absolute control over the population.


There are many Black Americans who were systematically allowed to ascend to the middle class to help the dominate structure to survive. For example, Black elected officials who are in trusted to protect those who are being victimize, remain Silent in the face of extreme human rights violations. Black Activist who are recruited to sit on boards of predominately white humanitarian organizations stay silent when Black communities are being gentrified, even assisting in helping it.


Black corporate individuals assisting their corporations in praying on the Black community. Entertainers and artist promoting dysfunction and derogatory narratives about the Black community and those who live in them. These are just a few examples Yet they all believe they’re non-criminal. A CRIMINAL SOCIETY CRIMINALIZE ALL OF IT CONSTITUENTS. There are many Black Americans that attend church regularly and they think that they’re spiritually clean and removed from what’s taking place to their own and believe that the All Mighty will take care of it all. A goodness that maintains sin, ignores human abuse and criminality is as  just as Guilty.


Because when the leadership of a nation lies to that nation, when it deceives that nation, when it miss-educates that nation, When It falsifies facts! When it falsifies the consciousness of the people who inhabit that nation. And when it falsifies their consciousness it recruits those of its people to its criminality so whether you know it or don’t know it’ YOU’RE A PART OF IT. As responsible Black individuals, WE MUST CONFRONT OUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS CRIMINAL SITUATION AS WELL.

Those Black Americans who are making it in this society, who are making great profits, great accomplishments, sitting at the same tables with those who are benefiting the most from Black suffering must remember that their profiting from the death, murder and destruction of their ancestors. That as they eat with their oppressor they are eating the flesh and spirits of their own people. They can cover it up, lie to themselves and claim that it was their individual striving and challenging work that got them to where they’re going, that their just taking advantage of opportunities! But remember these opportunities were based on the death and destruction of African people, people of color around the globe and the continuing death and destruction of Black Americans and their communities.


The American dominate society is a society of criminals’ run by criminals’ and it is a creator of criminals! Black Americans must recognize this because we still have many Black Americans saying: I WANT MYSELF AND MY CHILDREN TO BE JUST LIKE THEM. That’s their ultimate goal in life. To emulate the kardashians’ or house wives of wherever. To become the next Jay Z or great athlete. They don’t want to be associated with the reality of what their own has become. Then in Essene’s what they are saying is that they want to BE EN SLAVERS, RAPIST, ROBBERS, KILLERS, MURDERS, IMPERIALIST AND SO FORTH. Please think again. Now is the time to start the reprogramming of the young.


America is a criminogenic society, a criminal society. A society that engages in white on Black violence, for many reasons’. And of course, as you can tell often the psychological make up of an individual or people in terms of their origins and early childhood experiences, you can look at then the psychological make up  of a people in terms of their origins and early childhood of their race. And when we look then at the origins of this society, we must immediately recognize THAT IT IS A SOCIETY FOUNDED ON CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES and HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.


That is the inheritance Black America suffers from today. It is still a functioning part of America today. It is a criminogenic society and a society that engages in white on Black  structural violence because it was founded on the murder and theft of Indian peoples and Indian lands. It is a criminogenic society that practices white on Black structural violence, because it is a society founded on kidnapping of African people. The violent manslaughter of African people in the middle passage. The extortion from African people of their labor, human dignity, culture and the enslavement of human beings. Therefor the very nature and foundations of this society REST’S on TWO MASSIVE GENOCIDAL CRIMES. The ORIGINAL PART OF THIS CRIME IS A PART OF AMERICA’S STRUCTURAL VIOLENT NATURE  EXHIBITED TODAY.


Responsible Black Americans and Black human beings across the globe must know who and what they are as a people. The reality of what they are up against. Question all that you have accepted as right and true. Your time given to certain tasks in your curriculum is determined by your situation, culture and history. If you say you suffer from being oppressed, etc. then give time to that in your daily curriculum. Failure to do this will causes future generations of Black children to be destroyed by a criminogenic society only concerned with its own survival, its grip on Power and how to deal with the problems of  fellow Whites, Asians and Arabs. Unfortunately, at this period in history It must be recognized that Black life only matters to individuals who are Black.


Black Americans are only free in this country to do the wrong things. We say freedom is being able to do what we want to do-but ask yourself- What makes you want to do a thing? Your wants and desires have been induced by a criminogenic society. What they want and desire is to maintain a structure of domination. Black American problems, conditions, behavior etc..all have a political and economic function and none of it is to the benefit, uplifting  or survival of Black Americans in America.

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