Cancer in the community

There is a cancer that holds back the black community and we must start Self treatment. If we were to look at the progress, the wealth and the advancement of the black community today vs. the black community 75 years ago or even during the early 20th Century, it would be an embarrassment.

The black cancer in our community is called “ self-justification”. Here’s what that means. There are certain things that are a must for someone to expect to be successful. Much of what we call the “black culture” in 2016 are things that ruin our opportunities for wealth creation and teaches our kids poor behaviors. However, because many of these things make us feel good, we tend to justify the reasons we do them. There’s no more time for the “let the kids be kids” culture.

We can’t want to be successful but expect success to fit our systematically imposed comfort. Because we have been living a certain way for so long, success for black people as a whole will have to be uncomfortable. The cancer has spread untreated. Life will be uncomfortable. It will take an entire generation or two to accept this discomfort and live it out until it becomes the new “way of life” for the next generations. We can’t expect success to show up at the doorsteps of dysfunction. We must fix ourselves!

What we fail to realize is many of our entertainers and successful individuals of today are controlled by white companies and white investors. However, the minute we see one of “our” drop-outs, convicts or drug users/dealers find fame and millions in entertainment, we start to believe that this lifestyle is cool to live and is entitled to millions as well. It is all a TRAP and a “set-up” for more black people to follow a false lifestyle.

Black people in the United States can not keep justifying our dysfunction. We cannot make jewels, sex and partying the “branding” of our community. Black America cannot have a trillion-dollar spending power but 30% unemployment. Black America cannot live selfishly and expect black people to flourish collectively.

If you pay close attention, these large corporations invest in campaigns to make Black America “believe” corporations are the best places to work and shop rather than with local black-owned businesses. They are investing in the fame of the people in our communities who represent the “worst” examples of success just to make black people live like that person, KNOWING that our young people will spend a lot of their youthful years living dysfunctional, hoping our children make decisions they are unable to recover from (felony convictions, death, HIV, producing single mother children, etc.) If Black children are tough to continue this dysfunction by head of house hold, it will  keep black America poor and keep those in power wealthy. It’s all a trap! For those of us who realize this we must begin self treatment, starting in our homes, ASAP.

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