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Flint is Family

Braddock, PA “Keeping It Local”

Braddock, Pa is one of Pennsylvania’s poorest communities. It has been for decades.  As with most historic Black communities it’s been slated for Gentrification. A common theme this campaign season has been disappointment over how little our elected representatives have accomplished. Gridlock and infighting have prevented the passage of much legislation that deals with long-term […]

Flint is Family: Latoya Ruby Frazier

“Flint Is Family”, the debut of an original multimedia documentary project by elle Magazine, is the culmination of an in-depth, five-month endeavor between Latoya Ruby Frazier and In Flint is Family, her first published work sense being named a MacAuthor  Fellow, Frazier evokes  themes from her critically acclaimed book “The Notion Of Family”, as she make’s […]