Black Wealth In American Barely Registers

Black Wealth in American hardly exist. Black Americans today own little if any of America’s land, produce little. if any,  of the country’s resources and possess negligible amounts of this nation’s immense wealth. Even after making America what it has become today and suffering some of the worst human rights abuses ever known to mankind.   Even […]

Non Inclusive Feminism Is Rooted In History. Black First Before Gender

We’er all the same have never served Black woman well in America and non inclusive feminism is rooted in  history. The feminist movement has been around since the late 1700s and has resurfaced in many time over the years.  In 2017, for Black woman, it’s nothing more than a passing fad. The issues the feminist movement are combating […]

#dotherightthingin2017: The lack of Black leadership in America

#dotherightthingin2017 will become one of the key slogans and pleas used by the Braddock Inclusion Project to encourage Black leadership in the Pittsburgh region and throughout America’s Black communities in 2017.  As the brutality of Black people went viral Black leadership was silent. In 2017 Black leadership must #dotherightthingin2017. Actions such as that demonstrated by NAACP leader Cornell […]

Rust Belt America is “Fences”

Although the critically-acclaimed new film “Fences” is set in the 1950s, it may be the most timely movie of star-director Denzel Washington’s career. Rust Belt America is Fences. The film, adapted from the late August Wilson’s award-winning play of the same name, illuminates the inner lives of working class Americans living in communities like Braddock, PA throughout the Rust Belt. The same […]

Braddock, PA “Keeping It Local”

Braddock, Pa is one of Pennsylvania’s poorest communities. It has been for decades.  As with most historic Black communities it’s been slated for Gentrification. A common theme this campaign season has been disappointment over how little our elected representatives have accomplished. Gridlock and infighting have prevented the passage of much legislation that deals with long-term […]

Flint is Family: Latoya Ruby Frazier

“Flint Is Family”, the debut of an original multimedia documentary project by elle Magazine, is the culmination of an in-depth, five-month endeavor between Latoya Ruby Frazier and In Flint is Family, her first published work sense being named a MacAuthor  Fellow, Frazier evokes  themes from her critically acclaimed book “The Notion Of Family”, as she make’s […]

Latoya Ruby Frazier wins award

Braddock Inclusion Project Partner, Latoya Ruby Frazier, was horned with a Gordon parks award for for her contribution to photography, humanity and the visual arts. Although noteworthy African-American Renaissance man Gordon Parks passed away in 2006 at the age of 93, his creative and philanthropic legacy persists. Perhaps the fact that Parks was at […]

In Braddock, Black Town, White Power Strucure

Braddock — and inner-ring suburbs throughout the United States — resemble Braddock, Pa. Majority-black with a virtually all-white power structure controlling who gets what, when, and how. Longtime privileged who have retained control of patronage jobs, municipal and financial contracts….. all awarded to allies, relatives or friends of the elite within the region. Pittsburgh continues […]