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Tony Buba

Braddock Art Gallery Seeks Funding

A project meant to strengthen the role of marginalized Braddock residents in their community’s redevelopment is seeking $20,000 via an Indiegogo campaign that has just weeks to go. The Visual Landscape Gallery Boutique, an art gallery and a community-resource center, is an initiative of the Braddock Inclusion Project.  The nonprofit BIP is run by Isaac Bunn, […]

In Braddock, Black Town, White Power Strucure

Braddock — and inner-ring suburbs throughout the United States — resemble Braddock, Pa. Majority-black with a virtually all-white power structure controlling who gets what, when, and how. Longtime privileged who have retained control of patronage jobs, municipal and financial contracts….. all awarded to allies, relatives or friends of the elite within the region. Pittsburgh continues […]