The website and its content is powerful. Congratulation. I know it is the most honest dreams that take the longest to manifest because they are guided by the heart and soul and not by greed. Thank you for your work – it is imperative that it exists in Braddock.-Dana bishop-root,Director Braddock Carnegie Library.  

Dana bishop-root,Director Braddock Carnegie Library.

“I came to Braddock because I missed a sense of community organization and sensed I could help, though I wasn’t sure how. There are obviously things I’m trying to get out of this project, I am excited to have a chance to be a part of something historic, which I think this could be”.

Will Weiner, GBS Consultant at IBM, former volunteer and Braddock resident

“Thank you for your leadership to inspire our youth. The Braddock Inclusion Project is a great example of how we can uplift our own lives and community for the better”.

Lisa M. Edwards, Community resident

I have had the distinct pleasure to know Mr. Bunn for a number of years. I have found his work ethics to be very strong and extremely well rooted. I have no doubt that he will work endlessly to ensure that the Braddock Inclusion Project not only gets off the ground, but continues for many years to serve the citizens of the area.

Paul Costa, Pennsylvania State Representative